DGA Hire

DGA has a range of hire generators rated for commercial or private use, literally anything that needs power!

We offer a local pick up & delivery service for the generator hire, which means a simple and easy way to receive the power you want – anytime, anywhere.

We offer a range of generators comprising the most robust, reliable, and fuel-efficient models available. Brands include Cummins, Kubota, Hino and more.

Our range include a super silent model which is 57 decibels @ 7metres. This is an extremely quiet unit purpose built by DGA for those situations when noise is a big factor.

We specialise in providing mobile generator rental solutions for applications across all sectors ranging from events through to Government projects.

Applications include: Factories, Mining, Banks, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Fish Farms, Telecommunications, Armed Forces, Building & Construction Sites, Light and Heavy Industry, Mining and Resources, Electrical Testing, Pumping and Industrial Equipment, Site Power, Process Machinery, Plant Shutdowns and Ongoing Maintenance.

All our generators come with 3 phase power outlets and 15amp outlets. You can hook up your main feed directly into the generator to supply the power.

DGA is continually growing its generator hire units – contact us to discuss your needs.


Our fleet includes:

Petrol Generators
• 2.5kVA Inverter
• 3.5kVA Inverter
• 2.5kVA Open Type
• 6kVA Open Type

Diesel Generators
• 8kVA skid mounted single phase
• 11kVA skid mounted
• 20kVA skid mounted
• 20kVA trailer mounted
• 30kVA trailer mounted
• 40kVA skid mounted
• 40kVA trailer mounted
• 50kVA trailer mounted
• 60kVA skid mounted
• 70kVA skid mounted
• 80kVA skid mounted
• 100kVA skid mounted
• 130kVA skid mounted
• 180kVA skid mounted
• 200kVA skid mounted
• 350kVA skid mounted
• 380kVA skid mounted
• 500kVA skid mounted
• 1000kVA Container Generator

Diesel Tanks
• 1000litre fuel cells
• 2000litre fuel cells
• 4500litre fuel cells

Air Compressors
• 175 CFM Trailer Mount
• 275 CFM Trailer Mount
• 850 CFM Skid Mounted
• Electric Compressor 900CFM 10 Bar Skid Mounted
• 1050CFM 10 Bar Diesel Compressor Skid mounted
• 1600CFM 10Bar Diesel Compressor Oil Free Skid mounted

Power Distribution
• Small Distribution Boards
• Large Distribution Boards
• 32amp Leads
• Large Cables up to 800amps

Load Banks
• 100 kw
• 300 kw
• 500 kw
• 1000 kw

Sound Barriers
• Temp fence sounds barrier for reducing noise by 25 DB

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