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Diesel Generator Hire Hobart Tasmania

We offer a local pick up & delivery service for the generator hire, which means a simple and easy way to receive the power you want – anytime, anywhere.

Generators for hire

2.5 kva Inverter
3.5 kva Inverter
4 kva petrol open type
8 kva petrol open type
22 kva silent on trailer
33 kva silent on trailer
44 kva silent on trailer
55 kva silent on trailer
90 kva skid mounted
200 kva skid mounted

10 amp 10 meter leads
15 amp 10 meter leads
20 amp 10 meter leads
32 amp 5 meter leads
32 amp 10 meter leads
32 amp 15 meter leads
32 amp 25 meter leads

Cable tray 4 channel

Distribution boxes..

DGA has a range of hire generators rated for commercial or private use. This includes our super silent model which is 57 decibels @ 7metres.  This is an extremely quiet unit purpose built by DGA for those situations when noise is a big factor.

DGA rental generators are perfect for: events, builders, backup standby power and festival power supply. Anything that needs power!  Our generators come with 3 phase power outlets and 15 amp outlets. You are able to hook up your main feed directly into the generator to supply the power.

DGA is continually growing its generator hire units - contact us to discuss your needs. Applications include: Factories, Mining, Banks, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Fish Farms, Telecommunications, Armed Forces, Building & Construction Sites,  Light and Heavy Industry, Mining and Resources, Electrical Testing, Pumping and Industrial Equipment, Site Power, Process Machinery, Plant Shutdowns and Ongoing Maintenance.

When it comes to hiring a generator of Diesel Generation Australia, we are very accommodating with your application as per this unit in the picture:

Our client had very specific needs. This unit needed a ATS Automatic Transfer Switch for when the power was lost due to workers been underground removing harmful asbestos. This unit in hired out on a standby rate due to the unit only been used as a back up power supply, Our  customer was very happy with the standby rate as no other company in Tasmania is offering such a service.


Diesel Generator Sales Hire Hobart Tasmania

Diesel Generator Sales Hire Hobart Tasmania