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You may live in Hobart or in rural Tasmania, either way we have 250 products for you see on our online store. You may need a small, portable generator, stationary backup diesel generator or a large industrial generator, we are the first choice for your Diesel generator Hobart.

Diesel Generator Australia is Tasmanian company so we can offer you the fasted delivery times of all our competitors
Buying a generator in Hobart has never been easier. Our warehouse is conveniently located in Geilston Bay 7015
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Generators for Home, Backup and Power Failures diesel generators Hobart

Don’t get caught out the next time a storm hits your area. you can avoid blackouts and ensure you and your family have power all year round and be prepared. If a storms hits the unavoidable blackouts that accompany such weather can make having a backup  generator sounds like a great idea to keep your family safe as the storm rages.

Owning a portable generator in Tasmania can provide many benefits if you live in the city or rural areas.. The cheapest prices on portable generators in Tasmania can be found in  you’ll find the best prices on high quality generators available for immediate delivery to your door.

Diesel Generator Australia has generators to suit every application. Be they; Recreational (camping, caravan, motor home), Tradesman (construction sites, welding, factory and plant maintenance), Domestic (emergency home back up power off grid) or  large scale or industrial use.

Diesel Generators Australia have generators for budgets and needs.. We ship all over Australia and ensure you receive your delivery quickly and professionally.

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