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At Compare the Currency we have a team of people to ensure you get the best rate possible when transferring your funds abroad. We do all the hard work for you by working with some of the biggest Foreign Exchange companies in the world.

This saves you searching around the local high street or internet for the best deal.

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Step One

It's a very simple process. You can contact us via the web site, telephone, email or even via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Step Two

Tell us how much you are looking to transfer, which currency and when you need it. Equally you can tell us what exchange rate you have already been quoted and we will try and better it. We will give you a free no fuss, no cost, no obligation quote within minutes.

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Step Three

Should you wish to accept our quotation, we will then introduce you to the company offering that special rate of exchange. So you can start saving money straight away.

This will be completely free of charge and with no obligation whatsoever. What do you have to lose?

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Our Customer Reviews

Review Box One

We were buying a property overseas and needed to transfer €100,000. Our local bank wanted to charge us £78,567 (1.2728). Compare The Market found us a rate of (1.3473) costing us £74,222. That's a saving of £4,345. When the Compare The Currency representative said they would save us money, I did not realise it would be that much. We can't thank them enough. This money helped towards our buying costs on our new home in the sun.

Review Box Two

We sold our property in Spain and unfortunately our local bank wanted to charge us 0.5% commission just to pay our bankers cheque into their account. Compare The Currency informed us of ways of transferring these funds back to the UK without having to pay this commission. They put us in contact with a fantastic Foreign Exchange company who could prevent this charge and give us a fantastic rate of exchange. We would not have known any different if we had not have contacted Compare The Currency.



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